Passion for farming

Since establishing the company in 1932, the Stollenwerk family has dedicated itself to the refining of food. From the start already we have done everything not only to retain but also to improve our products. This is a tradition we are proud of and commit us from both the presence and the future in an innovative and responsible manner. Our most important milestones on our way are summarized in an history-timeline.

Welcome to a little journey through time showing our chronicle:
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1932: Hubert and Elisabeth Stollenwerk found the farm in Bergerhausen / Blatzheim.. 1950: Josef und Willy Stollenwerk take over the Management of the agricultural company. 1962: Start of the production of preserved food in Kerpen-Blatzheim. 1974: Full-range manufacturer by taking over RHEINLAND KONSERVEN VORGEBIRGE GmbH, Waldorf. 1985: New building and relocation to Merzenich, district Düren with the combination of three production sites. 1986: Start of production of fresh salads in the new established company BURGMÜHLE. 1992: Start of the new generation by the sons Willi und Karl Hubert Stollenwerk in the family owned company. 2006: Sale of the company SPREEWALD-FELDMANN, plant for fine pickled food,  situated in the heart of the Spreewald area. Today 2012 ...


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