Our seal guarantees best quality

The Stollenwerk seal of quality is to be found on all labels in our complete range. It combines the high requirements Stollenwerk has in farming, taste and in the quality of its products. Our seal of quality gives both consumer and trade partners the assurance that Stollenwerk’s preserved food  is always a German branded product from one source – the design of the seal shows these three essential elements in black, red and gold.

Farming: cultivated Stollenwerk cultivates its wide range of vegetables and pickled food predominantly in the fertile fields of the Rhineland. We do this on our own, carefully controlled farmland and in cooperation with privately contracted farms. For harvesting everything cultivated on these several thousand hectares, we use our own, ultra-modern Harvester.

Taste: guaranteed The harvest-fresh raw materials are carried directly to our own production facilities. We use ultra-modern production lines for careful washing, sorting, blanching and bottling. High automated work processes ensure gentle handling to preserve the maximum vitamin and natural taste of our products.

Quality: controlled Product quality and product safety are Stollenwerk’s first priority. From farming to delivery the complete production process is subject to strict German quality controls. Ongoing quality controls are carried out in both our own laboratories and by external food experts. 

Stollenwerk seal of quality